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Niacin Side Effects And How to Eradicate Them

There is virtually no drug that can pertain to the status of a perfect one in that it will always have some side effects. Obviously, no one can undermine the importance of antibiotics as they seem to be a wonder drug of our times. However, they also have its side effects such as a destructive force on the flora of stomach. Unfortunately, side effects are not antibiotics specific, they are more global as each and every drug has one or two unpleasant side effects. There is a wide spectrum of side effects that can be experienced by a person taking a specific drug for example dizziness, sleepiness or the loss of appetite to list the few. Side effects are enumerated on the information page that is attached to medicine, therefore, users know from the early beginning what side effects may appear during the treatment. Although some people may flinch at the thought of experiencing unpleasant side effects, they still decide to undergo such a treatment as it is still better to have occasional stomach aches than give a disease a green light to freely wreak havoc their body. Fortunately, side effects of any drug can be minimized or even eradicated as long as certain measures are taken.
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