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Niacin side effects - where are the dangers

Anyone who has taken niacin to combat high levels of cholesterol might know what side effects it is associated with. Unlike many other nutrients, like vitamin D, that are practically free of undesirable influences, niacin is known as effective but inconveniencing in a number of ways. This discomfort is quite common. When you read message boards of people who take niacin, either on a regular basis or less frequently, hardly a patient goes by without mentioning some sort of side effect. They are usually hot flushes and itching, sometimes also health rhythm problems or stomach discomfort. It can be very hard on people who start their niacin treatment and their bodies only begin to adapt to the nutrient, but more seasoned patients usually take a longer perspective on niacin side effects. They are common, they say, but their severity diminishes over time and, even at the beginning, they are something most people can tolerate and live with quite comfortably.
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